Sportmix Dry Cat Food

Original Recipe Cat Food

SPORTMiX® Original Recipe Cat Food is formulated to ensure 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your cat, supplying essential nutrients needed to promote strong muscles and bones, a glossy coat and bright eyes.

SPORTMiX® Original Recipe may be fed dry or moistened according to your cat’s preference. Feed approximately 1/2 cup twice a day. Or fill your cat’s bowl in the morning and allow your cat to nibble throughout the day. If served moistened, add one part water or milk to three parts of SPORTMiX® Original Recipe. The serving size may be adjusted based on your cat’s size, age and activity level. Water is essential to your cat’s good health; always provide plenty of clean fresh water. If fed moistened, feed only the amount that your cat will consume readily. Lactating cats may consume up to three times as much food as adult cats. Kittens can be fed SPORTMiX® Original Recipe moistened with milk or water; 4 times a day at 3-4 weeks of age in amounts that the kitten will consume in 10 minutes. At four months of age, the young cat may be fed as an adult.

Guaranteed Analysis
•Crude Protein, not less than 30.0%
•Crude Fat, not less than 9.0%
•Crude Fiber, not more than 4.0%
•Moisture, not more than 12.0%
•Calcium not less than 1.0%
•Phosphorus, not less than 0.9%

$9.99 for a 16# bag