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Egg production requires quality micronutrients such as vitamins and trace minerals in addition to protein, energy, calcium and phosphorus. Egg shell quality is important to ensure that the nutrient placed in the egg can, in fact, be utilized. Good egg shell quality comes not only from the calcium and phosphorus but also requires the work of enzymes and proteins to ensure that the egg shell will be of both the proper mineral content and composition to allow the strength and flexibility to reduce shell breakage. Additionally, it is important for those raising birds for eggs that other factors affect actual egg production including the age of the hen, the stage of egg production and the amount of sunlight present.

(Birds should be kept under lights to stimulate egg production when daylight hours are short.)

Prince offers 2 different layer feeds:

20% Egg Mash and 17% complete layer.

  • 20% EGG MASH - Egg mash is designed to be fed in conjunction with chicken scratch or other grain sources. Egg Mash should be fed at approximately 25% of the total feed consumption supplementing scratch grains or corn/soybean base.
  • 17% COMPLETE LAYER - The complete layer provides all of the protein, energy, vitamins and minerals needed. The processing that Complete Layer undergoes actually improves the digestibility of grains. It should be fed with a mix of grit and oyster shells to improve digestion and shell strength
Complete Layer

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Grower Feeds

Poultry geneticist have and continue to make great strides in improving the efficiency of both chickens for laying eggs and chickens grown for meat production. Laying hens are "leaner birds" that have been designed to put most of their energy into producing eggs. They need starter and grower feeds that allow them to grow and prepare their bodies for producing eggs rather than building body tissues. It is important the early growth is maximized so that birds will have a larger frame which will allow for the production of larger eggs. Pullets should weigh 1 pound by 6 weeks of age, and should be at 95% of their adult frame size by 12-14 weeks. Birds for meat production, Broilers, need to support maximum growth in muscle tissue and bone to support their heavier bodies. Meat type birds mature at an earlier age and require a nutrient dense diet to meet their needs. Prince offers both medicated and non-medicated forms of poultry starter feeds (Prince Starter and Prince Broiler Starter).

We carry a wide variety of prince starters and growers.

  • 28% turkey starter. For starting meat turkeys and can be used with chicken broilers when extremely fast growth is required. This is not recommended for broilers over 3 weeks of age.
  • 24% Game Bird Grower. Used as the main grower for broilers from 2 weeks till maturity.
  • 20% Duck starter. For starting waterfowl.
  • 17% Pullet Grower. for use with pullets from 2 weeks until they start laying at which time they should be switched to a layer feed.