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We have a wide variety of all natural and grain-free dog foods. If you don’t see the food you feed your friend, we can get it in. WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN HAVING THE LOWEST PRICE FOR FOOD IN TOWN!!!!! Stop by or give us a call and compare.

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    We all love our pets, and they love us unconditionally in return. This love drives our company to create foods and treats that are nutritious, delicious, and trustworthy. We never compromise on quality—using only carefully selected ingredients blended together in precise recipes that nourish your pet’s body and spirit. From the beginning, we’ve been—and continue to be—a company that’s grounded in and committed to honesty, ethics, integrity, and doing the very best for your pets.
    Your pets crave a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give them one. Taste of the Wild produces premium, grain-free pet formulas that are based on your pet’s ancestral diet. All of our formulas rely on ingredients like quality meats and probiotics that maximize the nutritional health benefits for your pets. It’s the balanced diet that nature intended.
    All Diamond®, Diamond Naturals® and Diamond Naturals® Grain-Free formulas are made with the highest quality products and manufactured in America in state-of-the art facilities. With carefully determined levels of protein, fat and other essential nutrients, Diamond pet foods are formulated to enhance the performance, appearance and overall health of your pet, day after day.
    NutriSource Grain Free dog food provides super premium nutrition in a scientifically formulated easy to digest food. Is one of the only dog foods to have pro-biotics to support digestive system health
    Founded by a veterinarian, Dr. Gary Cotton, DVM ("Dr. Gary"), Best Breed is a privately-held maker of all-natural super premium pet foods that are holistically formulated to promote the health and well-being of your pets.
    Whether your pet is a companion or a performer, Exclusive® pet food is dedicated to building products that optimize your pet’s important purpose in life. Exclusive® pet food is only available from knowledgeable retailers in your community, so you get the information, education and support you need with every purchase. We’re here for you; we’re here for your pet – every step of the way.
    Solid Gold’s holistic pet foods are carefully formulated with some of the most nutritious ingredients on earth for a healthy mind, body and (free) spirit. Because when pets are healthy they’re free to get goofy, be carefree and let their true selves shine.
    Fromm Four-Star offers your dog the variety they deserve. We've designed our entire line to compliment one another allowing you to switch between and combine recipes.

    Good health starts with good food. Pet food made with a limited number of ingredients can help pets with a range of nutritional needs, supporting healthy skin, coat and digestion. California Natural is committed to using the fewest possible ingredients to deliver complete and balanced nutrition, choosing only ingredients that are nutrient-rich, easily digestible and meet our exceptional quality standards. You will find peace of mind with our philosophy that less is more. That’s the California Natural way, Pure & Simple.
    VICTOR® Super Premium Dry Dog Food is still proudly made and packaged in our modern Mt. Pleasant Texas based, MID AMERICA PET FOOD LLC facility. We strive every day to produce the best product we can and are vigilant about food safety. We will not compromise quality over anything else. No one else controls or produces VICTOR® dry dog food.
    Nutrition as Unique as Your Dog
    From a 2 lb. Chihuahua to a 200 lb. Mastiff, different-sized dogs have very different physiological needs, which can make finding the right nutrition complicated. That’s why Royal Canin addresses each size, lifestyle and breed with diets tailor-made for their unique characteristics. Use the selectors below to find the right diet for your dog.

    We carry a number of Royal Canin diets. If the diet for your pet is not in stock we can get it.

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    Wellness Complete Health
    Feed your dog well.

    Bring more love and goodness to mealtime with any of our delicious and nutritious recipes made just for your dog.