Chicken Food & Supplies

  • For fresh eggs to farm-raised chickens, our customers have always depended on us to provide products that would help ensure the health and well-being of their flocks.
    Poultry Feed
    Prince Feeds have a great reputation for both growing and laying birds. We offer specialized feed for growing layers, broilers, turkeys and game birds. We also offer laying feeds for both traditional egg production and for game bird egg production.
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    We carry a full range of products to keep your flock productive and happy. From feeders and watering founts, de-icers, and nesting boxes to disease prevention and vitamins.
    Grow your chickens organically
    We carry a full line of Organic poultry feed.
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    and the products.

    We also carry the following products in our Organic line
    * Chicken Scratch
    * Barley
    * Oats
    * Wheat